GLOVERS NEWS: Glovers Trust vote in favour of joining Yeovil Town’s Supporters’ Alliance

GLOVERS TRUST: Glovers Trust vote in favour of joining Yeovil Town’s Supporters’ Alliance

MEMBERS of the Glovers Trust have voted in favour of joining Yeovil Town Football Club’s Supporters’ Alliance.

The Glovers Trust supporters’ group had previously decided against joining the Alliance – made up of other fan groups at Huish Park under the umbrella of Yeovil Town FC - in order to keep its independence.

But the Trust Board decided in December 2017 to think again after being notified of changes to the terms and conditions attributed to membership of the Supporters’ Alliance.
These changes removed the technical blocker around direct affiliation to the club which to date had prevented the Trust from even considering to join this group.

The Trust Board recognised that there were numerous why its own members had joined the Trust and that some would like to see greater engagement with the club representatives, while others would like to see less or none at all with the current owners in place.

A Trust spokesman said: “We therefore took the decision to invite all of our adult Trust members to vote on whether they felt that the Trust should join. The vote ran for just over two weeks and closed on January 7, 2018.”

Forty-nine per cent of the adult membership of the Trust – which stands at 176 – took part in the vote.

Of the 86 that voted 53 were in favour of joining the Alliance at 62 per cent, while 38 per cent (33 members) voted against.

“We have therefore notified representatives of Yeovil Town FC of our intention to join the Supporters’ Alliance and intend to have Trust Board representation at the next meeting which is anticipated to take place in the next month,” added the Trust spokesman.

“We would like to stress to all members and prospective members that this decision in no way alters or compromises the independence of the Trust from the football club.

“The Trust Board will continue to provide its own independent views and issue challenges outside of the Supporters’ Alliance if it feels the need to do so.

“However, we also recognise that a stronger combined supporters’ voice carries weight and efficiency benefits when it comes to tackling common problems.

“We therefore also welcome this forum as an opportunity to bring issues to the agenda that are pertinent to Trust members which may otherwise have not been brought forward previously by the group representatives.”

The Trust spokesman added: “While we sincerely hope that this will not be the case, should our Trust Board feel that the Alliance Group membership is not assisting the Trust in achieving its aims and objectives, then we will instigate a second members’ vote to consider our role within the Supporters’ Alliance.”

Any members or prospective members wanting to get in touch with the Glovers Trust can do so be emailing .

GLOVERS TRUST: Glovers Trust vote in favour of joining Yeovil Town’s Supporters’ Alliance

YEOVIL Town coverage is sponsored on this website by the Glovers Trust.  The Yeovil Town Supporters’ Society Ltd – known as the Glovers Trust – is a democratic, not for profit organisation, committed to giving supporters a strong unified voice in the decision making process at Yeovil Town FC and strengthening the links between the club and the community that it serves.

Adult membership to join the Glovers Trust is just £10 per year, while it is just £1 per year for those aged Under-16; and £100 per year for a corporate membership.

For more details – go to the Glovers’ Trust website at .

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