YEOVIL NEWS: West Coker Road is not a race track after all!

YEOVIL NEWS: West Coker Road is not a race track after all!

A RESIDENTIAL road in Yeovil many would think had a potential speeding problem is not so fast-moving after all.

A speed indicator device was put along West Coker Road from April 11-17, 2017 – one of the main roads in and out of Yeovil and a long stretch of highway which could easily lead to speeding.

But a report has shown that, amazingly, the median speed of 71,062 traffic movements made during that period was 31mph – just 1mph over the 30mph speed limit for that area.

A total of 24,992 motorists were found to be driving at under-30mph while 43,112 were driving between 30-40mph.

A total of 2,693 were found to be travelling at under 50mph, while 265 were recorded going faster than 50mph – although some of those could have been emergency vehicles on a 999 call-out.

A report going before Yeovil Town Council’s buildings and civic matters committee on Tuesday (July 18, 2017) says that the recordings mean that West Coker Road does not have a speeding issue.

The findings also revealed that the 85 percentile speed – the speed at which 85 per cent of all vehicles were travelling either at or below – was recorded at 35 per cent.

The news will come as a surprise to many.

There have often been complaints and concerns raised by people with fears that some accelerator-happy drivers treated West Coker Road as a race track.

The speed indicator device recordings suggest that that is not the case.

Councillors have been asked to “note” the report.

PHOTO - TOP: West Coker Road in Yeovil.