VE DAY 75: We will remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice

 VE DAY 75: We will remember them

THE War Memorial in the Borough of Yeovil has dozens of names of people from Yeovil who were killed during the Second World War.

While today (Friday, May 8, 2020) we commemorate the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day we spare a thought for those from Yeovil who paid the ultimate sacrifice during the Second World War including those who were killed after VE Day when fighting still continued against the Japanese.

While many of those killed from Yeovil were servicemen on active service abroad, a number of civilians were fatalities during air raids on the town as the German bombers looked to target the Westland aircraft factory.

The names of those on the War Memorial in Yeovil killed during the Second World War are as follows: Norman Frederick Abbott; Wreford Thomas Bagwell; Robert Sidney Courthope Baker; Arthur Ball; Lionel Arthur Bambury; Hugh William Ward Banfield; Arnold Thomas Barlow; George Ernest Barnes; Louis Harold Barnes; William Victor Bartlett; Mrs Florence Lilian Maud Batstone; Mrs Amelia Bell; John Ritchie Bennie; John William Beswick; Mrs Winifred Annie Bright; Mrs Mary Jane Bugler.

Kenneth Alfred Coombs; Thomas Vincent Cross; Mrs Jessie Emily Culvert; John Charles Dart; Lloyd Terence Rupert Davey; Miss Kathleen Joyce Denmead; Miss Joyce Dodge; Norman Sidney Durrant; Frederick Dyke; Reginald Albert Edgar Eastment; Cecil Beresford Edgerley; Frederick Paul Ewens.

Miss Elsie Farwell; Family Fitkin; Mr Leslie Forsey; Gordon Victor Foyle; Kenneth Harry Francis; Dennis William Galliott; Mr Norman Charles Gay; Patrol Officer Charles Henry Gillard; Master Dennis Gillingham; Ronald Arthur Green; Miss Minnie Doreen Guy; Donald Evan Haines and Rose Mary Haines; Madeline Emily Hann; William Henry Richard Harris; Myrtle Florence Mary Harrison; Reginald Stanley Hawkins; Agnes May Hayward; William George Hewlett; Albert John Hillard; Mrs Lily Hoyle and Master Trevor Hoyle; Albert Victor Hussey.

Michael Jackson; James Walter Jewell; Mrs Linda Christine Johnson; Leonard George Jukes; William David Keen; Mrs Florence Gertrude Lumber; Jack Major; Douglas William Raymond Masters; Peter George Masters; Robert William McVeigh; Mr Albert George Mitchell; Mrs Myra Joan Morris; Mrs Hilda Mary Lambert Mulhall; Roy Clayton Alford Mullis; Mr Alfred Edward Gilbert Neville; Lionel James Norris; Bernard Felix Nowell; Charles Mark Old.

Mr Alfred Aubrey Palmer; Mr James Palmer; Albert Victor Parker; George Victor Paul; Dennis Jack Pearcy; Lawrence Pearson; Philip Henry Perry; John Perry; Beaufort Read Kennan Petter; Mrs Violet Ruby Pickard; Eric William Plowman; Harold Plympton; Mr Lawrence Dreyfus Pritchard.

Cyril Henry Rendell; James Alma Rescorla; Frederick Alan Rivers; Mr Frank William Rose; Donald James Sands; John Ernest Saunders; Norma Frank Saunders; Mrs Elizabeth Jane Smith; Eric George Spearing; Ronald Ernest Leonard Stevens; Frederick Rowland Sutton; Master Lawrence Anthony Sweet; Ronald Swetman; Ronald Seymour Talboys; Douglas William Bulpin Taylor; Persons Known Only to God x Three; John Leonard Till; Ernest William Timbrell; Mr Wendell Jesse Tucker; Bernard Montague Jeffrey Vincent.

Bertram Edmund Wareham; Frank Arthur Watts; Stanley Alfred West; Harry Whittaker; Horace William Brooks Wiley; Colin Eric Willcocks; Lionel Leslie Wimbridge; James D. Wood; George Bramwell Wright; Miss Jean Elsie Young; Sydney Charles Wayman Young.

The names of two men killed during the Second World War are inscribed on the war memorial at Preston Plucknett on Preston Road in Yeovil: Charles Mark Old and Thomas Henry Steel.