CORONAVIRUS: Council’s well-being hub is up and running to support communities

CORONAVIRUS: Council’s well-being hub is up and running to support communities

A NEW pop-up well-being hub has been launched by South Somerset District Council to ensure that local communities receive all the help they need during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

This support includes offering extra support in areas where residents in the district need it most.

 A big addition to this extra support is the brand new pop up SSDC well-being hub which has been set up to supply food parcels and other supplies to South Somerset residents in most urgent need.

The hub is already up and running and more than 30 deliveries have already been made to residents who are shielding or who fit the criteria where they are recognised as vulnerable.

Many council staff were re-deployed to work around the clock to get the well-being hub in place.

The project has been led by managers from the council’s commercial services team who have worked alongside strategic planning specialists, partners including Yeovil Town Council, supermarkets including Tesco and Co-op and many other suppliers who have offered help and donations of which we are so grateful.

Staff from the council-run closed venues at Westlands and the Ninesprings Café have used the authority’s catering kitchens to split down catering packs of pasta and rice to make more manageable packet sizes to go in the food boxes.

To cope with the ongoing future need, many members of staff have now moved from their usual roles to help the council’s connect team handle the extra calls that will be coming in to request food parcels, while entertainment box office team will be processing the orders before environment service colleagues go out to deliver them.

A council spokesman said: “It’s all hands to the pump and everyone is doing their bit.”

So how will this help YOU if you need to use this service? Here some questions the council think might be asked. 

How do I get a food parcel?Residents who are shielding who have NOT received a food parcel from the Government and residents who are assessed as vulnerable can now call 0300 790 6275 to find out if they are eligible. 

How much do they cost?Shielded people (as identified by the NHS) will get their first food parcel free. Vulnerable people will pay a set fee depending on the size of parcel required.  £26 for a single person, £30 for couples and £52 for families of four to five people. This service is non-profit and delivery is free.

What is in the food parcel?All goods are non-perishable and should give a broad choice of food needed to prepare balanced meals. The parcels also include toilet rolls, cleaning and hygiene products. 

How long does it take to get a food parcel?Most food parcels will be delivered the next day between 10am and 4pm.

If this self-isolating goes on for some time, what happens if I need a repeat order? You can email or phone an order through to the team. Your details will have been saved making ordering and paying quicker. 

How often can I order?Box contents are built around a weeks’ worth of food, re-ordering shouldn’t be required under this time period. 

Can I book a time slot?No, deliveries will usually be next day and between 10am and 4pm. 

What if I have not received a shielding letter?Shielding letters come from the NHS. Your GP or hospital will have provided names of patients that they consider vulnerable & require shielding. If you have not received a letter and feel you should have one, then you should contact them.

If you need urgent medical advice, please visit .

PHOTO - TOP: Members of the well-being hub set-up to support the community in South Somerset.