YEOVIL NEWS: Coffee shop supports Samaritans

YEOVIL NEWS: Coffee shop supports Samaritans

A PARTNERSHIP between Yeovil Samaritans and the Coffee#1 shop in has already paid dividends for the charity.

The link between the two organisations is a national one, though local branches of Samaritans, including Yeovil, are working hand in hand to organise a series of fundraising events, the first of which took place on a beautifully sunny Saturday in June, with a live set from local band, Brokecove.

Emily and Caesar, the duo who make up the band, were delighted to be invited to play a three-hour set to a crowd of coffee drinkers at the Coffee#1 shop in Middle Street who were asked to make voluntary donations to Yeovil Samaritans through collection buckets.

Caesar, who works at Coffee#1 part-time, said: “It was fantastic for us to be given a platform to do what we love, playing our music, whilst contributing to such a worthy cause.”

The duo played a mix of popular covers as well as their own original material – including their latest singles Over It and Tempest which are now available to download from music streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music.  

Faye Dimdore, publicity officer from Yeovil Samaritans, said: “It was a really lovely event with a great atmosphere, and we are so grateful to Coffee#1 for their enthusiasm and commitment.  We were amazed at Brokecove’s musical talents.  So much so that we hope we can work with them again, potentially at the officially opening of our new centre in Yeovil in October at Morley House.”

A spokesman for the Coffee#1 Yeovil outlet said: “It’s a great tie up and we will be planning a number of other events over the summer.

“Fundraising for Yeovil Samaritans is ongoing and there’s always a collection box on the counter.  Do feel free to come to Coffee#1 with your pockets filled with small change as donations are most welcome!”