LEISURE: Castaway Theatre Group shine at Disneyland Paris

LEISURE: Castaway Theatre Group shine at Disneyland Paris

THERE were tears of pride among family and friends as the young performers of the Castaway Theatre Group put on a magical performance at Disneyland Paris.

The cast of 38 who had travelled to Disneyland from the Yeovil-based group wowed the large audience at the Videopolis Theatre with a 20-minute medley of amazing talent.LEISURE: Castaway Theatre Group shine at Disneyland Paris

Although everyone on the three-day trip from October 23-25, 2017, enjoyed the rollercoasters, the rides, the excitement of Disneyland and meeting famous characters such as Mickey Mouse and Tigger – it was those 20 very special minutes in the theatre which will live long in the memory.

The medley of song and dance from the musicals Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, An American Tale and Peter Pan was performed to perfection and the young stars did not only do themselves and their families proud, but they also did Yeovil and England proud as they shone in front of an international audience.

The whole experience had been co-ordinated by the Take Us 2 The Magic organisation who create magical experiences for groups from around the country to perform at Disneyland Paris.

Deborah Shudra, of Take Us 2 The Magic, watched the Castaways in action at the Videopolis on Tuesday, October 24, 2017, and was very complimentary about the high standard which had been produced.

Steve Sowden, of the Yeovil Press, who travelled to Disneyland Paris with the Castaways, said: “It was a privilege to share in the magic.”

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