GCSE RESULTS 2017: Students chalk up some great grades at Preston School

GCSE RESULTS 2017: Students chalk up some great grades at Preston School

PRESTON School in Yeovil was celebrating on Thursday (August 25, 2017) after its Year 11 students received fantastic GCSE exam results.

The results were eagerly anticipated after students had worked hard throughout the five years to ensure that they did well in their exams and many of them celebrated getting the results that would allow them to progress on to the college courses or apprenticeship of their choice.GCSE RESULTS 2017: Students chalk up some great grades at Preston School Photo 1

The excellent results were made even better given the volatility in the exam system this year with the introduction of new tougher courses and a new grading system. 

With 68% of students gaining the benchmark of five good GCSEs needed to progress on to A-Level and equivalent courses, Preston School was significantly above the national average for this measure once again.

The school was delighted that yet again it had demonstrated that it embodies the strapline of Bringing Learning to Life & Life to Learning by not only preparing students well for later life in terms of the experience that they gain whilst at Preston but that they also produce extremely high academic outcomes.

Both English and maths results wre significantly above the national average with 75% of students reaching or exceeding the new ‘pass’ grade. GCSE RESULTS 2017: Students chalk up some great grades at Preston School Photo 2

Most students received results which met or exceeded their ambitious targets set by the school, which is a credit to their hard work and ‘can-do’ attitude. Students of all abilities achieved well at Preston this summer compared to their targets, and the school are proud that their inclusive and welcoming nature has seen students flourish. 

This summer’s exams were the first where English and maths were graded on the 9-1 scale, which replaced the A*- G measure.

Gaining a grade 9 was an amazing achievement and means the students are in the top three per cent of the country for their performance in that subject. Preston was delighted that it had nine top grades across English and maths with some students gaining the top grades in both subjects – Rebecca Pritchard, Stanley Waldron and Katie Wiles.

There were many other students whose performance was outstanding and will compete against other top-performing students nationally. Just some of those who gained many top grades were Charlotte Foster 9 A*/A, Hazel Luscombe = 9 x A*/A, Anthony Chiu = 8 A*/A, Courtney Randino = 7 x A*/A, Andreea Dumitrascu = 7 A*/A, Hermione Farmer = 7 A*/A, David Newman = 7 x A*/A, Oliver Kirby = 6 x A*/A, Etienne Hocking = 6 x A*/A, Lucy Ham = 6 A*/A, Fahima Shah = 6 x A*/A, Louis Short = 6 x A*/A, Muhammad Haris = 5 x A*/A, Sanaa Robertson = 5 x A*/A, Isobel Woodham = 5 x A*/A, Bethan Foster = 4 x A*/A, Lauren Bridges = 4 x A*/A, Willow Symes = 4 x A*/A, Sophie Scott = 4 x A*/A, Chloe O’Shea = 4 x A*/A, Shannon Reeves = 3 x A*/A, Toby Davies = 3 x A*/A, Nuria Berbel Torres = 3 x A*/A, Connor Manley = 3 x A*/A, Caitlin Hackett = 3 x A*/A.

In addition to English and maths there were also pleasing results for other individual subjects with high A*- C pass rates in subjects including science, geography, French, Italian and Spanish, ICT, business, art, textiles and religious education.GCSE RESULTS 2017: Students chalk up some great grades at Preston School Photo 3

Preston School principal, Gregg Morrison, said: “We are really pleased with this year’s GCSE exam results and especially for the children who have performed so well after putting in so much hard work.

“On behalf of the staff and governors we are delighted that so many of our students will now go on to study the course of their choice in the next stage of their life and we wish them all well with their new challenges.

“Without knowing the full national picture, our results for the new English and maths courses will place us as one of the leading schools in Somerset and we are rightly proud of our achievements, as they are under-pinned by a huge amount of hard work by students, staff and families.

“Thanks in particular to the staff that worked so hard and supported the students so well during their time at Preston.

“We wish all of our students and families leaving Preston this year all the best for the future and we hope that you stay in touch and continue to support the school.”

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