YEOVIL NEWS: Motor dealership has big plans for Fusion Park

YEOVIL NEWS: Motor dealership has big plans for Fusion Park

A LEADING car dealership in Yeovil has applied for permission to utilise the majority of the so far empty Fusion Park development area in the town.

F. J. Chalke and Abbey Manor Group Ltd has applied to South Somerset District Council to go-ahead with its plans for the Fusion Park on West Hendford.

The proposals include the building of a new motor retail franchise with showroom, workshop, MOT and valeting facilities and associated car parking and landscaping.

Fusion Park covers an area of just over three-and-half acres of land between Lysander Road and West Hendford and was once the Yeovil headquarters of SSE – previously known as Scottish and Southern Energy - which were subsequently flattened by the bulldozers.YEOVIL NEWS: Motor dealership has big plans for Fusion Park

PHOTO – TOP: The planned site for the motor showroom and workshop facilities at Fusion Park which sits between West Hendford and Lysander Road. The new Lidl store is in the bottom left of the photo.

PHOTO – RIGHT: How the planned showroom could look at Fusion Park.

The proposed motor retail facility will occupy 3.08 acres of the site with the remaining 0.45 acres set aside for future development.

The applicants have identified in a report that their plans would see buildings put up to match the scale of other units along Lysander Road – such as the Lidl store which adjoins the site.

A spokesman for the applicants said: “F. J. Chalke Motors, together with KIA Motors UK Ltd and Nissan Motor UK Ltd, identified the Yeovil area as a prime location that matched the aspirations of their nationwide network plans.

“This development will provide a high quality retail environment, providing local employment and reinforcing our commitment as a major contributor to the local economy, whilst respecting the needs of the local community within the immediate vicinity of the site.”

The proposed development includes 247 car parking spaces along with secured motor and cycle shelters.

South Somerset District Council has suggested that a decision on the planning application is not expected until the end of September 2017.

F. J. Chalke’s Nissan headquarters in Yeovil is currently based in Sherborne Road.