LEISURE: Castaways splurge their way through Bugsy Malone with fun

LEISURE: Castaways splurge their way through Bugsy Malone with fun

THE conveyor belt of talent which oozes from the Castaway Theatre Group in Yeovil splattered its way across the audience as the young stage performers brought to life the Bugsy Malone musical at the Octagon Theatre.

Castaways performed the gangster-inspired musical set in 1929 New York at the award-winning Octagon in Yeovil from June 22-24, 2017, and it was another huge success for the group which was first launched over ten years ago by Lynn Lee Brown.LEISURE: Castaways splurge their way through Bugsy Malone with fun

It was back in 2007 when Castaways performed its first-ever musical, Bugsy Malone, at the Swan Theatre, but with a much smaller cast. The only thing “small” about the Castaways now is the height of some of the younger children who perform on stage as if they have been doing so for years.

PHOTO - TOP: The finale splurge shoot out at Fat Sam's Grand Slam.

PHOTO - RIGHT: Fat Sam (Vini Lloyd) and Knuckles (Jacob Edwards).

But Castaways is growing and getting bigger and Bugsy Malone showed all of that with big songs, big scenes, big performances and HUGE AMOUNTS of splurge and custard pies!

Taking centre stage was Bugsy Malone (played by James Derrick) who found himself caught up in the battle between Dandy Dan’s (Owen Williams) gang and that of Fat Sam’s (Vini Lloyd).

All three played their roles well with Vini making the part of Fat Sam his own with a fabulous performance – especially as he had been unwell and even been to Yeovil Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Department on the morning of the final show.

But the show must go on as they say and it was quite possibly Vini’s finest performance. It was almost like watching John Cassisi himself who played Fat Sam in the 1976 film musical directed by Alan Parker and featuring only child actors including a certain Jodie Foster.LEISURE: Castaways splurge their way through Bugsy Malone with fun

There were also good performances from the likes of Blousey Brown (Jessamy Bowditch), Tallulah (Anastacia Hayward) and Fizzy (Ashley MacLauchlan) – all such talented young people.

PHOTO - RIGHT: Splurge-tastic at the finale.

There were plenty of cameo roles which added to the show - just too many to mention here.

But the success of the show was down to the whole cast – plus an excellent team behind the scenes – who worked together to pull off a memorable production.LEISURE: Castaways splurge their way through Bugsy Malone with fun

Everyone can take a well-deserved bow and it looked so much fun – the smiles on the faces of the children at the finale when they are covered in splurge and custard pie in Fat Sam’s Grand Slam Speakeasy perfectly illustrated that. They say a picture can tell a thousand words and the show photos certainly do.

A number of Castaways will be heading off for pastures new soon as they reach the ripe old age of 16 and will be leaving the group – but Lynn Lee Brown’s factory floor of acting, singing and dancing talent will keep on rolling for years to come.

PHOTO - RIGHT: Blousey Brown played by Jessamy Bowditch.

We can’t wait to see what the Castaways plan for next year’s BIG show at the Octagon.

Cast: Bugsy Malone, James Derrick; Blousey Brown, Jessamy Bowditch; Fat Sam, Vini Lloyd; Tallulah, Anastacia Hayward; Dandy Dan, Owen Williams. Fat Sam’s Gang – Knuckles, Jacob Edwards; Louis, Finlay Gudge; Snake Eyes, George Souster; Ritzy, Harry Waddleton; Roxy Robinson, Tom Shire. Dandy Dan’s Gang – Bronx Charlie, Harrison Caine; Doodle, Danny Carey; Laughing Boy, Lily Aksoy; Benny Lee, William Markendale; Yonkers, Leo Ito. Fizzy, Ashley MacLauchlan; Leroy, Harry Stallard; O’Dreary, Jack Lowder; Captain Smolsky, Ella Martin; Cagey Joe, Joe Wilson. Grand Slam Chorus Girls – Tillie, Jasmine Cary Smith; Lorretta, Molly Beaumont; Velma, Chloe Gough; Bangles, Izzy MacGregor; Dotty, Live Brown.

Flash Frankie, Charlotte Caine; Barber, Danny Carey; Undertakers, Jack Lowder and Olly Edwards; Violinist, Izzy Lock and Freya Cooper; Girl Singers – Skye Dorland; Summer Dorland; Daisy Shire. Pop Becker, Jack Lowder; Radio Announcer, Ella Cormack; Waitress, Atiya Quinn; English Reporter, Izzy Pincombe; Foreign Reporter, Harry Stallard; Oscar de Velt, Tom Shire; Oscar’s Assistant, Angelique Boxall; Marbini, Jack Lowder; Ventriloquist, Joe Wilson; Lena Marrelli, Bonnie Kawar; Viking Lady, Skye Dorland; Yodeller, Faith Schooley; Trumpet Player, Summer Dorland; Banjo Player, Freya Cooper; Audition Dancers, Izzy Lock and Jenny Hanford; Seymour Scoop, Charlotte Caine; Sound Man, Poppy Wells; Shady, Joe Wilson; Louella, Scarlett Thomas; Paper Boy, Josh Beaumont; Razamataz, Tobias Clifton; Looney Bergonzi, Harry Waddleton; Pickett, Josh Beaumont; Nuns, Ellise Hayward and Tammie Lloyd; Cook, Ellie Sharman; Baseball Guards – Izzy Lock; Jenny Hanford; Ellie Sharman; Lacey Newman; Atiya Quinn. Babyface, Joshua Beaumont; Joe Barman, Joe Wilson; Butler, Tom Shire.

Ensemble: Abie Gillard; Angelique Boxall; Atiya Quinn; Bonnie Kawar; Charlie Wilson; Charlotte Caine; Daisy Shire; Danny Carey; Delaney Dolman; Ella Cormack; Ellie Sharman; Ellise Hayward; Faith Schooley; Finlay Gudge; Freya Cooper; George Souster; Grace Stafford; Hattie Snell; Izzy Lock; Izzy Pincombe; Jacob Edwards; Jenny Hanford; Josh Beaumont; Lacey Newman; Poppy Wells; Scarlett Carey-Smith; Scarlett Thomas; Skye Dorland; Summer Dorland and Tom Shire.LEISURE: Castaways splurge their way through Bugsy Malone with fun

PHOTO - RIGHT: Fat Sam's Grand Slam chorus girls.

Production Team: Producer/director, Lynn Lee Brown; assistant director, Tammie Lloyd; choreographer, Kirsty Beaumont; musical director, Matt Holmes; secretary, Andrea MacLauchlan; head chaperone, Linda Bowler; sets, Proscenium of Rochdale; additional set items, Marc Batterbury; stage manager, Marc Batterbury; assistant stage manager, Kathryn Adams; backstage team – Olly Edwards; Nik Dolman; Rich Gillard; Graham Waddleton; Pete Butcher; Helen Butcher; Geoff Thresh; Claire Doyle. Props – Pauline Warren, Christine Owen. Sound, Octagon Theatre Team; Lighting, Octagon Theatre Team; Wardrobe Design, Lynn Lee Brown and Joyce Harland; Creative Team, Lynn Lee Brown, Joyce Harland, Margaret. Robins – Linda Bowler; Viv MacLauchlan. Costume Hire – Off Beat Theatre, Bromyard, Herefordshire. Hairdresser – Layla Quinn and Karen Caine. Make-Up – Sheila Driver, Kerrie Hutchings and Doreen Hillier.

Chaperones – Andrea MacLauchlan; Linda Bowler; Lucy Crane; Lynne Crane; Karen Caine; Julie Burt; Elaine Stafford; Kerrie Hutchings; Louise Wells; Sharone Shire; Toni Pincombe; Laura Newman; Micheala Sharman; Stephanie Clifton; Doreen Hillier; Rebecca Thomas; Amelia Cormack; Carly Markendale; Claire Hodson; John Williams; Sarah Williams; Alison Gudge; Rebecca Ito; Sonya Gillard; Lorna Clark; Anna Bateman; Sarah Martin; Jo Kawar.

Front of House, Claire Batterbury; Front of House Assistants – Alannya Blackmore; Lauren Blackmore; Emma Henson; Sharon Shire; Alison Gudge and Derek Brown. Prompt, Lynn Lee Brown; Poster Design, Matt Thomas. Programme Design, Matt Thomas and Andrea MacLauchlan; Photography, Christine Jones and Steve Sowden, of Yeovil Press.

Special Thanks – Derek Brown; David MacLauchlan; Knights Deliveries; Yeovil Amateur Operatic Society; The Octagon Theatre; Yeovil Amateur Boxing Club.

Orchestra: Reeds – Helen Reid and Jamie Phippen. Trumpet – Paul Denegri. Trombone – Keith Thomas. Piano – Gill Merrifield. Bass – Jake Denney. Percussion – John Rackham. Guitar – James Kendrick.

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