Report YOUR pothole problems to county council

Report YOUR pothole problems to county council

THE Yeovil Press is urging people to report dangerous potholes in the road to Somerset County Council to avoid unwanted garage bills.

The bad weather experienced in recent months across the county has left our roads in a bad state of repair and littered with nasty potholes.

When these potholes fill with water they are not always noticeable to motorists and when driven through they can cause damage to their vehicles.

One motorist told the Yeovil Press: ‘’My car was badly damaged after I drove through a pothole and it cost me hundreds of pounds to repair.

‘’I’m not blaming the county council as such because there are thousands of potholes across the area which need fixing.

‘’But perhaps they don’t know about the one which caused the damage to my car up on Houndstone in Yeovil – so we should all take some responsibility and report these potholes rather than thinking somebody else has.’’

The offending pothole on Houndstone will be reported to the council’s highways department on 0845 345 9155 tomorrow (Monday) morning and Somerset County Council says that officers will inspect it within three working days.

The council’s highways spokesman, Cllr Harvey Siggs, has said that the authority welcomes people phoning in with pothole problems.

But he stressed the importance of people reporting in with as much detail as possible about the location of the pothole.

A spokesman for the Yeovil Press said: ''We would urge people to phone the council on 0845 345 9155 and report these nasty potholes. If people would like us to do it on their behalf - then please contact us via email at with all the necessary details about the pothole location.''

PHOTO: The offending pothole on the Houndstone estate in Yeovil which caused one motorist to spend out several hundred pounds on car repairs.